Self-Jumping Robot

Design Brief

Design a robot that jumps 1 m high and 1 m far in distance while, costing less than £100 and weighing less than 200 g. 

University Solo Project    |    2018

Design & Features

Reliable, simple, and quick.

This video shows how the jumping mechanism works in slow motion. 

Internal Design 

Gear Drive Design

I developed a full CAD model and technical drawings for manufacturing.

Concept Development

I researched various jumping robots, and de-constructed toy mechanisms to prototype gear drives quickly.

Studied current jumping robot designs and used geared toys as inspiration to create cheap and efficient gear systems.                                            

Prototyped using toy gearboxes to develop proposed gear system designs for launch and landing mechanisms.                                                        

Designed and engineered subsystems including the battery type, motor type, and launch & landing mechanisms.                                        

Used fundamental mechanics equations, FEA, and material analysis to iterate and validate the design.                                                                                                      



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