Project Type: University Group Project 

Role: Responsible for concept ideation, CAD design, and analysis of designs using of FEA.  

Skills Used: 

Design Thinking 


Experienced in using divergent and convergent thinking

Expert in Solidworks, Fusion 360, Inventor, AutoCAD, and KeyShot.

FEA Chassis 

Design Brief

Tasked to design a lightweight chassis for PAL-V, the flying car. Must use FEA fundamentals to develop a design solution that meets the set criteria while avoiding part failures. 

Developed concepts inspired by existing helicopter and car chassis.  


3D modelled all concepts in Solidworks.

FEA Simulations

Tested each concept with FEA simulations and identified failure points in the design.

Other Projects

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Autonomous Submarine Pod

Desktop PC




Software Expertise:

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