Project Type: University Group Project 

Role: Responsible for concept ideation, UI / UX design, prototype development, visual renders, and CAD models. 

Skills Used: 

Design Thinking 


Experienced in using divergent and convergent thinking

Expert in rapid prototyping to develop, iterate and finalize designs.

Autonomous Submarine Pod 

Design Brief / Context

The autonomous submarine pod is designed to allow people to see coral reefs and sea creatures without creating pollution and damage that the traditional diving tourism industry does.


The pod also allows non-divers to see the exciting world of underwater creatures. 

Tablet Application UI

A tablet is used to navigate the autonomous pod around the reefs and visit key locations. During the journey to the reef, on-screen commands are displayed for the user to interact with other people, call for help or view system information.

The system information page provides users with the submarine oxygen levels, travel speed and depth.  

The main screen allows users to choose the reef they want to visit.

The user can see their journey time to the selected reef. On-screen commands appear. 

When the user taps the help icon, a menu with options open.

When the user reaches the selected reef, they can navigate using on-screen arrows. 

Augmented Reality Display

There is an augmented reality display in front of the user. It can be used to track individual sea creatures and provide users with information about it.  A joystick is used to navigate between multiple creatures detected. The following video is an example of the interface. 

Interior Prototype

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Desktop PC




Software Expertise:

CAD, renders, UI graphics and graphic design by